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Loop’s 3PL distribution facility located in Dallas, Texas. Right at the heart of the USA, and strategically close to the main Amazon warehouse which is just a few blocks away. This lets us the ability to store anything you can dream of, and as much as you need.


Returns become a hassle-free procedure with Loop. A click of a button will send your client a prepaid return label, automatically email them or reply to their message in your marketplace, and once we get the item back it will be checked and immediately returned to your available inventory.


Every member of our staff is equipped with a special scanning gun loaded with our unique software. If they need to pick a specific item and put it in a specific box – there is absolutely no way that they will go wrong. Zero mistakes.

International Shipments

Expand your business globally with Loop’s worldwide shipments. No matter where in the world you are selling your products, we will get it to your clients with fast and reliable carriers to anywhere in the world.


Our distribution facility can handle thousands of shipments on a daily basis with super-fast 2-day shipping to anywhere in the United States. On top of that, our smart algorithm know how to pick the fastest and cheapest carrier to perform the task, automatically.

Special Projects

Since we are using our own proprietary software, we can offer a modular solution to anything you can think of. Need to prioritize shipments based on rules? Add a special gift card to specific clients? No problem at all – our system can do that like a breeze.

Fully automated API based technology

Loop’s software can be integrated to any marketplace in just a few clicks. Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, WooCommerce, Magento (And the list goes on…) – Whatever marketplace you choose to work with, we got you covered.

Our software knows how to grab the information from your platform and sync it back to your platform and your clients with the details like tracking number, shipping status, return labels and many more… 


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Scaling your business up with Loop can be a game changer. Not only it will lead to more sales, your costumer will get the items they order faster, with no mistakes, which will lead to more positive reviews and eventually better conversion rates and less advertising costs. If you are true e-commerce professional – you know that there are not enough words to describe how a good fulfillment system can improve your business.

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